Welcome to Mosman Park Hour Exchange!

An hour exchange (known overseas as timebanking) is a network of people who contribute and withdraw skills in and out of a central pool. Everyone’s skills are valued equally in units of 1 hour (or part thereof).

Unlike traditional volunteering (which requires commitment, regularity and an expectation of nothing in return), Mosman Park Hour Exchange participants do the things they enjoy, at a time that suits them and get as much as they give.

We all have skills to offer no matter what our age, ability or lifestyle.

Helping someone for 1 hour means you are entitled to access 1 hour of ANY other skill available in the Hour Exchange.

Participants post offerings of their skills online, and are contacted directly by other participants. It’s a bit like browsing a community noticeboard!

  1. Click “Sign up” to create a profile and list your offerings
  2. Help someone for 1 hour doing something you enjoy
  3. Record your earned hour in the system
  4. You can now request 1 hour of any other skill available

Remember, you can join up now, post your offerings and just browse. You only start participating when you see something that’s useful for you, or when someone contacts you to request your skills.

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Twitter @MPHourExchange.